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OWL Drone Parachute For DJI M300 RTK

OWL Drone Parachute For DJI M300 RTK

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  • Sku OWL Drone Parachute For DJI M300
  • El zumbador de alta potencia emite continuamente 110DB durante el aterrizaje forzoso
  • Rápida instalación, se adapta perfectamente al dron DJI M300
  • Ultra-alta fiabilidad, IMU doble barómetro doble
  • Ligero y resistente al viento, reduciendo eficazmente el coeficiente de resistencia al viento
  • Modelo adecuado: Dji Matrice 300 RTK

Product Specifications
Sensor Dual(IMU barometer)
Software APS Algorithm
Connecting Way PSDK interface connection Parachute cloth type square cloth
Protection class IPX5
Product Performance
Reaction time 0.8s
Parachute deployment time 0.3s Parachute cloth area 7.29m2
Affect the aircraft's battery life 5min Weight 800g
Siren Dual speakers
Paddle stop function forced stop Landing Speed 3.5m/s
Maximum load 9kg

Flyfire Creating An Era Of Safe Flight

Flyfire focuses on aviation safety and uses technology to promote the safe development ofindustry-grade drones. The new generation of industry-grade UAV parachute OWL descentspeed is only 3.5m/s,

built-in dual sensor redundancy, access to DJI M300 OSDK to obtainreal-time UAV sensor data, the two data fusion judgments are used as the basis for openingthe parachute, which doubles the reliability.

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Precise Coverage Requirements

The brand-new industry-level UAV parachute 

landing system of Flyfire Technology guards the safety of personnel and property on the ground


Average landing speed of parachute opening


Parachute opening response

4 minutes 15 seconds

Endurance impact


Equipment quality

≤Level 7

Classification of wind resistance

Devising Strategies Gain Victory

OWL is equipped with Flyfire safety algorithm, and the hazard response time is lowered to 0.5 seconds. In case of emergency, the parachute can also be opened manually. The speed is stabilized at 3.5m per second. (test weight 9 kg)

During the forced landing, the high-power buzzer continuously sends out the 110DB warning sound to remind pedestrians on the ground to avoid and protect their safety.

Easy Installation

Install OWL, remove the M300 arm screws (please refer to the manual installation tutorial fordetails), and use the OWL replacement screws to install the bottom rack in place in only 50seconds (the bottom rack does not need to be disassembled), which perfectly matches theDJI M300 drone ,

 After removing the parachute bin, the bottom rack will not affect the foldingof the aircraft. When using oWL, you can install the parachute bin in just three steps, no needto wait, and immediately play.

Ultra High Reliability

Dual IMU Dual Barometer

Automatically Fuse M300 Flight Sensor Data

OWL's important sensor hardware is dual-redundant design, and the Flyfire safety algorithm seamlessly integrates DJI environmental perception data and its own sensor data. Once a dangerous situation occurs, OWL can quickly identify and send the parachute opening and drone suspension instructions within 0.5 seconds to protect ground personnel and Property safety.

Lightweight And Wind Resistance

Thanks to the use of ABS engineering materials and 7075- -T6 (sn) metal materials by Flyfire engineers,

The maximum structural strength and optimal performance are achieved when the product quality is the smallest (800g). The impact of M300's battery life is only 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

The base is reinforced with carbon fiber board, which is lighter in weight and stronger in structure. Protect OWL and DJI M300 at the moment of opening the umbrella.

The fluid appearance design effectively reduces the wind resistance and reduces the extra endurance loss caused by wearing OWL during operation. It fully fits the back of the DJI M300,flying smoothly, and does not affect all functions of the lower load.


Maintenance-Free For 2 Years

OWL has a fully-sealed Parachute bin structure, and the whole machine has an IPX5 protection level, which is not afraid of dust and rain. The parachute bin has a built- in environmental monitoring system to monitor the internal temperature and humidity of the parachute bin all the time. Under normal circumstances, it is maintenance free for 2 years, which is a solid backing for your flight.

    Parachute Control

OWL Integrates Manual And Automatic Parachute Opening Mode. In An Emergency, Operators Can Skip The System

OWL Integrates Manual And Automatic Parachute Opening Mode. In An Emergency, Operators Can Skip The System

 Judgment And Open Parachutes Manually To Ensure The Safety Of Personnel And Property On The Ground.

Software Upgrade

Flyfire Promises To Provide Strong Backup For Every Consumer Who Buys OWL. Our Engineers Constantly Combine New Test Data For Algorithm Optimization. The Data Packets Are Uploaded To The Cloud, Where Consumers Can Download Them With One Click And Upgrade Automatically (Please See The Manual For Upgrade Details)

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